Old Silver Key - Tales Of Wanderings (2011)

Old Silver Key es un nuevo proyecto que nace por la reunión de Roman Saenko líder de la banda ucraniana black metal: Drudkh y el heterogéneo Neige; líder de Alcest (integrante también en Lantlôs, Amesoeurs, Mortífera, Peste Noire, etc), acompañados del resto de integrantes de Drudkh: Krechet (bajo), Thurios (guitarra) y Vlad (batería, teclados, piano). Si escuchaste a Drudkh antes; esto te sera un agradable contraste absoluto a sus anteriores trabajos, si gustas de Alcest; esto sera un agasajo en ti.

"Tales of Wanderings" (2011) es el resultado de esta ágape, un compendio de música orientada al post rock, tintineos shoegaze y una ligera carga de post black metal. "Un viaje mental llena de asombro y maravilla. Cierra los ojos, escucha con atención y descubre la nueva faceta de Drudkh y Neige!"

"Here is the OLD SILVER KEY that opens the door into a world of witches, cunning foxes, talking wolves, where a poor farmer's boy wins the hand of a princess while the prince sulks as a frog. "Tales of Wanderings" take you into the fairy tale world of childhood and logs burning in the fireplace. Yet there is often a twist darker than the stories of the Brothers Grimm to these songs. This comes as no surprise as the mastermind behind the musical tales is Roman Sayenko of DRUDKH. Having explored more progressive ways on their latest output "Handful of Stars" (2010), Roman decided it was time to go even further, but in a new project. In ALCEST singer Neige, the Ukrainian found the perfect collaborator and the OLD SILVER KEY was born. All members of Drudkh gladly joined in the making of "Tales of Wanderings" that only offers a murky glimpse of the Black Metal roots and turns to something warmer and lighter without losing the raw earthen spirit, which the band reluctantly calls Post Rock to give their brainchild a name. Yet OLD SILVER KEY offers something more, which is hard to describe, but takes you on a mental journey full of amazement and wonder. Close your eyes, listen carefully and discover a new side to the Ukrainians!" .- Season of Mist

Old Silver Key - Tales of Wanderings (2011)

01. What Once Was and Will Never Happen Again 02:05
02. November Nights Insomnia 05:45
03. Cold Spring 06:44
04. Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home 03:53
05. Star Catcher 05:10
06. Burnt Letters 05:21
07. About Which an Old House Dreams 08:25

Genero : Post Black Metal/ Shoegaze Post Black Metal / Post Rock / Shoegaze
País : Ucrania / Francia


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  1. Me lo acabo de oir (por fin!)
    y juesuputamadre! que DISCAZO!!!!
    gracias como siempre por este espacio y por el tiempo que tomas para difundir este tipo de material.